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Tank- and silo trailers

Isolated silo trailers

We specialize in transport jobs with isolated and specially designed silo tank trailers. The trailers can cope with very liquid products, but also very difficult and halfliquid products, which separates and have a consistency like minced meat. The product can be temperated - up to 100 degrees celsius. 


ADR tank trailers

​​We have approved ADR tank trailers in different sizes for chemical and corrosive products. Some of them are especially intented for a certain product, while others are approved for almost anything.

​   ​

Tank trailers for feeding stuff

We have ATP-approved tank trailers for all kinds of feeding stuff.


Tank trailers for the agriculture

We have isolated tank vehicles especially meant for delivering small quantities of products for the agriculture on the same vehicle. According to our GMP+ quality system they can only transport categorized ingredients for the agriculture. Find out more about our GMP+ quality system here.

Tank trailer with pump

This tank trailer is equipped with a pump making it possible to pump up any kind of liquid product. The tank trailer is also approved  for ADR products.​ ​


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