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​​The company was established in 1926 by Jens Christian Koldkur, who started it all with a horse-drawn carriage. He transported pigs, cows and feeding stuff for the neighborhood farmers.

It all expanded slowly until the early 60's, where the co-operation with the mink industry began. The next generation was now taking part, and a mink farm was established. The success in the mink industry resulted in the fact that we also began transporting ingredients for mink feed. In the middle of the 70's the first big tank trailers were bought, and the agricultural industry also became one of our customers. This development continued up through the 80's, and in the 90's the company developed even faster. We also began transporting ADR-products in tank trailers.

​Up through the 00's the mink industry still developed - and our company did as well. To be able to handle the difficult and halfliquid products, we began constructing silo trailers especially made for the mink industry.

Having extra focus on high quality, J. Chr. Koldkur Transport A/S was GMP-certified in 2004. Therefore we comply certain demands regarding good hygiene, self-regulation, traceability and implementation of HACCP-system. In 2018 we decides to get the ISO 9001 certification. With this certification, we underline the high quality standards.

The fleet of trucks contains approximately 50 trucks with different trailers, and they transport products all over Europe. The transport jobs are today multifarious.​​

Over the last years ADR transport has also developed  quite much - of course both transport of liquid chemical and corrosive products and mixed  ADR cargo. We still deliver to the agricultural industry and our ATP-approved tanktrailers is delivering all kinds of feeding stuff. Futhermore we have approved stainless and isolated tank storage for stocking liquid products.


Fårbækvej 5, 7470 Karup J

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Telephone: +45 97 45 60 33

E-mail: koldkur@koldkur.dk