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Fleet management

Fleet management system

In all our trucks we have installed a professional and future proof fleet management system, making it possible to achieve more profitable operations of the company’s fleet. The online system is an effective tool for providing an up-to-the-minute overview of vehicle positions and precise documentation of routes, positions and working hours.

The fleet management system is an indispensable tool in the daily planning: It is an easy and quickly tool to provide an up-to-the-minute overview - making it possible to redirect the trucks if sudden changes in orders or traffic occurs.

For you as a customer, the system is making it possible for us to tell exactly when you can expect you delivery – quickly and easy.


Stock control at our customers

We are also up-to-date concerning our other IT-technology: We have the latest software installed made especially for the transport industry. Remote monitoring is also making it possible to keep an eye on the stock at our customers to ensure the right product volume.​


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