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Welcome to J. Chr. Koldkur Transport A/S

J. Chr. Koldkur Transport A/S is a transport company with 96 years of experience. With a GMP+ and ISO 9001 certification, we underline high quality standards. We specialize in transporting liquid, halfliquid and high temperature products in tank- and silo trailers. We also offer tilt trailers for multifarious purposes, tipper trailers for feeding stuff and thermo trailers. Our fleet of trucks counts 50 trucks, distributing products all over Denmark and Europe as well. We always make sure to pick up and deliver "just in time" in order to have the customer’s production flow function to optimum effect.​


Fårbækvej 5, 7470 Karup J

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Telephone: +45 97 45 60 33

E-mail: koldkur@koldkur.dk